315/40R26 in Inches

A 315/40R26 tire has a 35.9-inch diameter, a 12.4-inch width, and is designed for a 26-inch rim.

In high flotation terms, this tire is labeled as 35.9x12.4R26.

315/40R26 Tire Size
315/40R26 Tire Size in Inches
315/40R26 Tire Circumference
561.5 revs/mile

315/40R26 Tire Overview

35.9 inches
Wheel Diameter
26 inches
Tire Width
12.4 inches
112.8 inches
Sidewall Height
5 inches
561.5 per mile

What does 315/40R26 mean?

315/40R26 tire size meaning in inches

315/40R26 is a tire size with the following dimensions:

  • 315 is the width of the tire in millimeters. This number also indicates the appropriate width of the rim on which the tire should be mounted.
  • 40 is the aspect ratio, which is the ratio of the tire's height to its width. This affects the tire's handling and ride comfort
  • R indicates the tire's construction type, meaning it has a radial construction. This provides stability and precision to the tire.
  • 26 is the diameter of the wheel in inches, on which the tire is to be mounted.

315/40R26 Tire Conversion

Tire Diameter35.9 in912.4 mm
Section Width12.4 in315 mm
Rim Height26 in660 mm
Sidewall Height5 in126 mm
Circumference112.8 in2866.4 mm
Revolutions561.5 revs/mile
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FAQ About 315/40R26 Tire

How tall is a 315/40R26 tire?

The height (or diameter) of a 315/40R26 tire is 35.9 inches

How wide is a 315/40R26 tire?

The width of a 315/40R26 tire is 315 mm, which is about 12.4 inches.

What size rim fits a 315/40R26 tire?

A 315/40R26 tire fits on a rim that is 26 inches in diameter.

What does the 40 in a 315/40R26 tire mean?

The 40 in a 315/40R26 tire refers to the aspect ratio, meaning the height of the tire's sidewall is 40% of its width.

Alternative Tire Sizes for 315/40R26

Typically, it's recommended to choose a tire with a diameter (height) within 3% of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tire size.

However, keep in mind that this is a general guideline and not an absolute rule.

Here are some tire sizes that are compatible with the 315/40R26:

Tire SizeDiameterRim
335/35R2635.2″ (-1.9%)26 x n/a